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New Damon Wayans Jr. Comedy Titled ‘Kill The Orange-Faced Bear’ Canceled At TBS

Posted Apr 28, 2022

The first series cut due to the merger of Warner Bros and Discovery Inc. has been revealed. With the announcement that TBS and TNT are exciting scripted programming, it has been reported that Kill the Orange-Faced Bear is not moving forward at TBS. Starring Damon Wayans Jr., production was set to start on an eight-episode season next week in Vancouver.

According to reports, the producers of the series are shopping the comedy to other outlets. The series follows a man (Wayans Jr.) who goes out for revenge after a bear kills his girlfriend.

The following was revealed about the plot of the series:

“In Kill the Orange-Faced Bear, Wayans Jr. stars as Hank, the charming, funny and grieving man who’s hell-bent on tracking down Brenda the bear, along with Jessy Hodges as Jamie, the twin sister of Hank’s late girlfriend; Alex Karpovsky as Ronnie, an oddball park ranger; and Nate Torrence as Murray, Hank’s best friend. The voice cast lineup includes Sarah Silverman as Brenda, the sarcastic badass grizzly bear who attacked and ate Hank’s girlfriend; Nicole Byer as Pauline, a bear with perfect fur and perfect nails who uses her feminine wiles to seduce Brenda’s husband; and Sam Richardson as Steve, the charmingly idiotic bear with a dangerous habit of breaking into cars to steal snacks and beer.”

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