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New Comedy Troupe Titled Slow Children Crossing Could Be Hollywood's Next Hot Sketch Team!

Posted Apr 7, 2011

We just discovered that there is a new comedy troupe making waves in Los Angeles and we hear they call themselves Slow Children Crossing! Why is this a story? Well word around town is that they might be the next sketch group to land a production deal in town and we are willing to bet that if the new Jamie Foxx/ Affion Crockett show tentatively titled The Playground does well on FOX that network execs will be looking for the next comedy troupe and Slow Children Crossing could be it.

If you haven’t heard about Slow Children Crossing, they are five man band is trailblazing the continent with their brand of take-no-prisoners humor. Together since 2006 the Los Angeles sketch comedy scene has been abuzz about this amazing configuration of talent.  We hear it all started when Brett Butler, fresh off his stint from “Sealab: 2021”, the Adult Swim cartoon with the cult-like following, was looking for a new vehicle.  He was new to the Los Angeles comedy scene, so he enlisted the help of his fellow barfly Alem Sapp (“How High”), a veteran of the LA theatre scene.  “I knew I wanted a group that went against the status quo”, says Butler, who had worked in New York City with several other groups.

In their search for like-minded talents they discovered Destini Meshack (BET’s “Played by Fame”), Tiffany Thomas (“The Boondocks”), and Saudia Rashed (“The New Guy”).  The chemistry was instant.  They began with a spot dates along L.A’s  theatre row – and it wasn’t long before the  Comedy Central bigwigs invited them to perform a sold out show at the popular “Comedy Central Stage” at the Hudson.  Shortly thereafter, they hit the comedy festival circuit (Seattle Sketch Fest, Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, and the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas). Their stint at the Montreal Sketch Festival (SCC’s first international performance) was sold out a week after tickets went on sale!  Critics & audiences alike cite the group’s electric energy, and their willingness to make fun of the world and themselves as the main attraction.

Politics, race, sex, slavery, celebrities; no topic is left untouched when these comic scientists are in the lab. SCC is constantly employing different mediums and venues as conduits for their chicanery.  Besides their widely viewed YouTube page, Facebook fans, and their own website, it looks like they are going to launch a reality show; and are presently creating “SCCTV”, webisodes mixed with live and filmed material; all laced with what they call, “Inappropriate humor for all”.

C heck out their website for their upcoming performance Sunday in Los Angeles at King King’s and for more info at!

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