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New African American Network Punch TV Prepares To Launch!

Posted May 7, 2011

In the case of one of Hollywood’s well kept secrets, we have discovered that what was once a secret is now official- ANOTHER new African American Network is about to launch and the network is named PUNCH TV.

We discovered that the Punch Network is planning on launching sometime over the next couple of months and we hear that they are going after that beloved African American female with programming geared towards them. We also hear that the African American female is not the ONLY targeted audience that they are after, as they plan or launching some original programming geared towards the male viewer also. With a new late night talk show planned and some other interesting programming, we think they are going to give the new networks a run for their money- and BET and TV One will definitely have to look over their shoulder!

For more info check out

Stay tuned as the official press release will be released soon!

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