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Morgan Freeman Exits As Idris Elba Enters As The New Alex Cross!

Posted Aug 18, 2010

We just discovered that veteran actor Morgan Freeman is going to be replaced with Idris Elba as the new Alex Cross for the new film titled Cross, which we hear is a new installment of James Patterson‘s bestselling murder mystery series that will be directed by David Twohy.

Our sources tell us that many things went into the decision of this casting, primarily with the injury to Freeman over a year ago has limited his ability of his hand, and he is still in the healing process. Of course, the studio and everyone else involved is going to say they wanted to go younger, but this is what we are hearing is being said behind closed doors.

If you recall Freeman played the detective sleuth in the Paramount Pictures thrillers, including the two films Kiss the Girl and Along Came A Spider.

In the novel, Cross tracks a serial rapist who may have murdered his pregnant wife years before. The film is being produced by Lloyd Levin, Belle Avery and Leopoldo Gout, along with the author and Steve Bowen.

We hear that production will begin in 2011, likely in the spring.

Elba was previously seen films like RocknRolla, American Gangster, Obsessed and The Losers. He just wrapped the role of Heimdall in Marvel’s Thor, and next stars in the Screen Gems heist film Takers, which opens August 27th.

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