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Mo’Nique Talks To Tyler Perry, Both Agree To Meet After Long Feud

Posted Feb 18, 2022

In a new episode of FOX Soul’s new show Turnt Out with TS Madison, comedian and actress Mo’Nique updated where she stands with Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, both of whom she claims were behind the demise of her career.

During the show, Mo’Nique told Madison that Perry agreed to meet with her under certain conditions. She’d have to come without her husband and manager, Sydney Hicks, and apologize for accusing him and Winfrey of “blackballing” her.

The long-time friction came after Mo’Nique’s Oscar-winning role in the 2009 film Precious, for which Perry and Winfrey were the executive directors.

She said Perry asked her to do things that she was not “contractually obligated to do,” including promoting the film at a festival for free.

“I don’t care who it is, it’s not fair for you to want me to work for free just because it’s you…so now, here comes the blackball,” she told Madison, according to Radar Online. This is what started the accusations that Mo’Nique is “difficult.”

The Academy Award winner added that Winfrey didn’t speak up against the allegations, which is why she took an issue with her. Instead, she sided with Perry, who supposedly told another director named David Talbert how difficult she was to work with.

“Well, Tyler Perry you’ve never worked with me. We never worked together,” she continued. “When we did ‘Precious,’ [he] came on after we said ‘Cut; that’s a wrap and it’s over.’”

According to Mo’Nique, Perry recently called her and her husband to apologize. She secretly recorded the phone conversation, where he admitted what he did to her was wrong, she told Madison, who confirmed hearing the recording.

She told Madison that several mutual friends, including Rev. Al Sharpton and Kevin Hart, reached out to Perry directly after hearing the recording. But he did not want to “revisit” the conversation.

But now, after all that, Perry has agreed to meet with her.

Watch the full video below:

Source: Black Enterprise, Radar Online, Fox Soul

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