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Mike Epps Lands In New Dramatic Film Titled ‘Repentance’!

Posted Nov 25, 2013

A couple of months ago we told you about a new dramatic role that Mike Epps had landed in a new film that was titled Vipaka. Well the film has released a new trailer and has been picked up by Codeblack Films, and has also changed it’s name to Repentance. Now the trailer was recently released and along with much Hollywood talk about the film as its from the same folks who produced Fruitvale Station and also stars Forest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie, Sanaa Lathan, and Nicole Ari Parker.

Check out the trailer and the film description below;

From Codeblack Films and the producers of FRUITVALE STATION. Years after a drunken car crash that almost took his life, Thomas Carter (Anthony Mackie) has reinvented himself as a therapist/spiritual advisor who advocates a synthesis of world religions and positivity. He’s parlayed this vocation into a successful book release that one day draws the attention of Angel Sanchez (Forest Whitaker), a profoundly troubled man fixated on the “untimely” death of his mother. When Carter takes on Sanchez as a personal client in an effort to raise funds for his indebted brother Ben (Mike Epps), things quickly take a turn for the worse. Angel needs much more than a simple life coach.

What may be simple to grasp for some is the idea that single actions in the past comprise tidal waves of reactions in the present. Director Philippe Caland’s REPENTANCE examines these issues against a backdrop of kidnapping and murder.

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