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Mike Epps Lands Another Dramatic Role In New Film Tilted 'Term Life'!

Posted Feb 28, 2014

According to several news outlets, it looks like Mike Epps is taking ANOTHER dramatic role in a new film titled Term Life, from Universal Pictures. The new film also stars Vince Vaughn and Hailey Steinfeld.

The film will have Epps star as a dirty cop named Darryl Mosley who is trying to frame Vince Vaughn’s character. The film is basically about Nick Barrow (Vaughn), who takes his estranged daughter (Steinfeld) on the lam when a heist goes south and he takes out a life insurance policy on himself that doesn’t take effect for 21 days. Jordi Molla (known for the films Riddick, Bad Boys II) has been cast in the Peter Billingsley directed pic as a ruthless Mexican cartel leader Victor Fuentes, who’s after Barrow.

No more news about the film, but stay tuned as this story is still developing!

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