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Michael Blackson Apologizes to Katt Williams After Joke Sparks Tension Between Them

Posted Sep 16, 2022

Fans of the comedy world are torn after news that two of its biggest acts are at odds. Recently, comedian Michael Blackson found out one-sided beefs after working alongside Katt Williams on the set of “Nick Cannon: Presents Wild ‘N Out.” Both comedians have appeared on the show on and off for over 15 years and returned for an upcoming episode.

In a series of tweets Wednesday, Sept. 14, Blackson revealed the two had beef over comments he made on “Drink Champs” last year.

“Life is too short to be beefing especially with people you love. I love every comedian like a brother, sometimes we say things about each other and it comes out the wrong way but we don’t mean no harm,” he tweeted. “Katt Williams is still mad about something I said on Drink Champs last summer.”

“I thought I made a compliment but most of my compliments comes with a little roast because that’s what I do,” wrote the 49-year-old. “Katt took it as insult and I had no idea he was still mad till we met on the taping of WildnOut7 yesterday. Non of the cast including Nick had no idea we were beefing.”

The “Couple’s Retreat” star claims Williams came for his jugular on the improv competition series, while he kept his jokes light and fun.

“We ended up on opposite teams and all his jokes towards me were insults on my career while I tried to keep my jokes towards him on his height and permed hair,” he said. “I tried to keep it fun so people won’t know we had problem with each other, but that midget N—- kept going hard lol smh,” he wrote.

Blackson wants to “squash” the matter and pointed out their history of working together on films, series and comedy tours. He said, “Since you only 4 ft 9 inch tall, Imma be the bigger person and try to squash this. We’ve known each other over 25 yrs. We go back from the Friday movies, then Repos to Meet the blacks not counting the few tours we’ve done together.”

Blackson concluded his rant by sharing that he’d settled the matter with an in-person comedic “Verzuz” battle “or you can just fight my 15 yr old son.”

Williams has yet to respond verbally other than re-sharing Blackson’s initial tweet on his Instagram story on Thursday, Sept. 15th.

After re-watching the interview and a moment of reflection, Blackson seemingly apologized for saying Williams “smoked crack” during the March 2021 interview.

After watching what I said on that interview, Katt had every right to be mad at me, it came out my mouth the wrong way,” he explained. “I’ve never heard or see him smoke crack what I meant to say was I don’t care if ya think he smokes crack he’s the most lovable comedian of our era.”

He continued his sentiments on Instagram, writing, “Today was the first time I watched that interview on ‘Drink Champs’ and after watching it I felt guilty. Me and Katt has been cool from day 1 so I’m sure he didn’t understand why I would say something like that. Since he’s only 4 feet tall I’ll keep this brief and short, my bad homie.”

About 42 minutes into the “Drinks Champs” interview, Blackson explains what it takes to be a “successful” comedian with a massive social media following. He used his “Friday” co-star as an example of a “likable” comedian, but it didn’t come out that way he intended.

“Look at Katt Williams. Katt done fought a 10-year-old kid, smoked crack, just everything,” said Blackson at the time. “Katt is so likable and so lovable.”

Fans in the comments accepted Blackson’s apology, and many are hopeful Williams will too. Most commended him for taking accountability for how his words impact others as a comedian.

“I figured it was the crack remark …”

“Call him and apologize, modasucka.”

That was awesome of you to apologize Michael! That’s why I rock with you! You’re a stand-up guy!”

“Takes a man to suppress his ego and pride and do this. Katt should appreciate this. Salute to you bro. I gain more respect for you.”

“Takes a big man to apologize and admit fault, respect homie (Pun intended) lol  #respect.”

Source: Article Originally appeared on Atlanta Black Star

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