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Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan, And More Wish Jamie Foxx Well After Being Hospitalized

Posted Apr 21, 2023

Martin Lawrence received the 2,753rd star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this week but his friend Jamie Foxx wasn’t far from his mind. Foxx, 55, has been hospitalized since last week when his daughter announced via his social media accounts that he was dealing with a “medical complication.”

Lawrence told Extra’s Rachel Lindsay that the actor/comedian was improving.

“Well, I hear he’s doing better,” Lawrence said. “My prayers go out for him every night and just wishing the best for him, one of the best that we got in Hollywood. Not only one of the best entertainers but a good person.”

Fellow comedian Tracy Morgan had his own health challenge when he was severely injured in a car accident on a New Jersey highway in 2014. At Lawrence’s Hollywood Star presentation, he told Entertainment Tonight that he believes Foxx will come out of the incident “stronger and better.”

“I love Jamie. Jamie’s a good friend of mine … my prayers go up for Jamie,” Morgan told Entertainment Tonight. “He’s strong, he’s a fighter, he’s gonna come out of it and he’s good. He’s gonna be stronger and better than ever.”

“I’ve been there,” he added. “I was on the other side in a coma for 10 days,” he said referencing his 2014 crash on a New Jersey highway when a Walmart truck slammed into his limousine. His close friend, comedian James McNair was killed and Morgan was hospitalized with severe injuries.

“Jamie, I love you,” Morgan said. “My prayers go out to you and your family. Please get well.”

Martin’s co-star on Martin, Tichina Arnold attended his Walk of Fame induction as well, echoing his comments.

“Jamie’s such a good human being, great person, does a lot for a lot of people, and I just pray for his strength,” Arnold said.

Steve Harvey expressed concern as well, saying he’s always known the Collateral star to take care of himself.

“Jamie’s fit,” Harvey said. “He don’t do nothin’, man. That dude is fit so I was really concerned. I hope it works out. I’m pretty sure it will.”

Foxx was in Atlanta shooting Back In Action for Netflix with Cameron Diaz when his daughter announced that he’d experienced a “medical complication.” No further information has been released, though CNN reports the incident did not happen on set nor was he rushed to the hospital in an emergency vehicle.

Source: AP

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