Marlon Wayans Reveals An Update On The Richard Pryor Biopic!

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Earlier today the website Shadow & Act released a story on actor comedian Marlon Wayans, whom they conducted an interview with about several of his upcoming projects specifically the new upcoming comedy A Haunted House scheduled to hit theaters on January 112013, What stood out in the interview was what he was quoted saying about the Richard Pryor biopic that we told you about several months ago that seemed to be stalled. (If you are unaware, Wayans was cast to play Pryor in the film)

After reading his statement, we came away with one fact; what we stated months ago was true- the Pryor film doesn’t look like it’s happening. Read what Wayans stated below when asked what the update was about the film;

You know, I don’t know what’s going on with it. Hollywood is in a weird place right now. Everyone’s scared to make movies. I think it’ll be a brilliant movie. You know, I’d never done stand-up until 2 years ago, when I did for the first time. And the reason I started doing stand-up was in preparation to play Richard Pryor. And for me – I’m a method actor – and I just wanted to become Richard Pryor, and see what the journey of a comedian was. But since the movie stalled, I don’t know when it’ll get done. But one day, I believe it will get done. So in the meantime, I’m just making sure that I’m prepared for that moment, starting with doing lots of stand-up around the country. And you know, it’s making me better, smarter, more articulate, and more calmer, and a better writer. So I’m so grateful for this journey, and believing that one day it will get done, and I want to make sure I’m prepared and ready for that moment when it comes.

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  1. Stevie Mack

    Marlon would be great for the role of Richard Pryor. Marlon showed us his great range and what he could do in the movie, Requiem for a Dream, that’s when I knew he could bring it.

    Now there’s talk about Mike Epps playing the part of Richard Pryor, not only in the Nana Simone movie, but also in the very bio pic that was slated for Marlon Wayans.

    Mike Epps has great range and so does Marlon Wayans. I’m surprised tmz didn’t mention Marlon in this article. As to how she feel about Eddie Murphy has to do with personal business, lord only knows what happened there.

    No doubt Mike could also play the role, his most recent role in the movie, Sparkle, demonstrates his flair for the dramatic and we already know he’s hella funny on the comedy side.

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