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Los Angeles Lakers Star Ron Artest To Jump Back On Stage To Do Comedy!

Posted Sep 15, 2012

According to several folks who we have spoken to, it looks like Los Angeles Lakers player Ron Artest– also known as Metta World Peace- is planning on doing stand up comedy again! According to our sources Artest is planning on appearing at the Comedy Slam Dunk show at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles to hit the stage and try comedy one more time!

In case you didn’t know, Artest tried his stand up act before as he went on stage at the Improv over a year ago to mixed results because of the topics he discussed. This time, Artest has revealed what he will be saying, and its sure to stir some type of controversy.

“I have a couple of gay jokes that I’m going to say,” he revealed during an interview with ESPN’s Playbook earlier this week. “You can tell gay jokes—you just have to be funny. It’s like telling black or white jokes. And, I do have a couple of racist jokes—you gotta throw out some racist jokes. There’s a difference between being racist and telling a racist joke. Every comedian does it. There’s no way around it. Gotta talk about your own race, obviously—I’m going to stereotype black people. You gotta stereotype everybody. Females, too. Hopefully people like it, and people laugh.”

So as you can see, this should be interesting to say the least. Anyway, as we find out more details, we will let you know.

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