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Larenz Tate Discusses New Projects In Comedy & Producing 'Bill Bellamy's Ladies Night Out'!

Posted Feb 21, 2013

Last night on the red carpet at the premiere of the brand new show dropping on Showtime titled Bill Bellamy’s Ladies Night Out, we spoke to actor Larenz Tate, infamously known for his roles in the classic films Menace II Society, Love Jones and Dead Presidents.

What many folks don’t know is how active he is in the comedy world and his relationship with Bill Bellamy, and how he got involved in the project with Bellamy for The Ladies Night Out. Tate discussed that project and other projects he is doing such as his new role in the new series House Of Lies with Don Cheadle and Nia Long, directing music videos and commercials and more!

Check out the EXCLUSIVE interview;

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