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Kid N' Play Debut New Comedy Sketch!

Posted Feb 6, 2014

It looks like the comedy rap duo of Kid N’ Play are jumping into comedy once again. After reports in 2012 of them coming back together for a television project were released, the comedy world waited in anticipation of what that next project would be. Well, it seems that whatever TV project it was happened to be stalled, but in the meantime the duo has decided to drop a sketch.

Check out the below synopsis of the brand new sketch below titled Funny Business, and take a look at all of the cameos!

After years of separation Kid and Play are forced to work together again after their manager swindles all their riches. All that’s left is a sad failing Comedy Club they unknowingly own and they reluctantly decide to work together to run the club with it’s crazy employees to make a living.

Director: Michael Bohusz
Executive Producer: Larry Katz
Starring: DC Curry, Deon Cole, Gary Owen, Chuck Deezy, Pierre and Joe Claire

Click the video below!

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