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Kevin Hart's New Show On FOX Gets Dropped BEFORE It Airs!

Posted Oct 18, 2011

Even when you are hot, you still can get a couple of lumps along the way. Case in point; it looks like the new series that we reported a couple of months ago titled Little In Common that was supposed to star Kevin Hart and Gabrielle Union will not see the light of day after all. (It should also be noted that this type of stuff happens all of the time.)

Anyway, word is that the FOX Network decided not to move forward with the project. The show was said to be about a sports-obsessed married couple with children (played by Malachi Smith and Sydney Mikayla) that centered around a white family having trouble adjusting to their new Texas neighborhood–particularly their African-American and Latino neighbors. Our sources have stated to us that the show didn’t test well, and was offensive even after changes were made to the script and cast after several more tests.

Regardless of the show, Hart is the hottest comedian on the comedy circuit right now, and he has just recently shattered box office records with his new theatrical release of Laugh At My Pain so we can expect more projects from him in the very near future for television, and we will see him on the big screen next spring in Steve Harveys Think Like A Man.

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