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Kevin Hart Makes MORE Comedy History With Laugh At My Pain!

Posted Sep 10, 2011

Hollywood is about to take full notice on Monday morning from Kevin Hart that he is officially a movie star, and they all will be scrambling to get a piece of him. Why do you ask? Well on Monday morning they all will see the numbers that are going to come in from Hart’s new film, Laugh At My Pain (produced by Codeblack Entertainment and Hartbeat Productions), as it was only on 99 screens nationally and is on pace to make almost 2 million dollars WITHOUT any nation distribution! No standup film has ever done that, as Martin Lawrence’s film Runteldat did great numbers, but was released on 800 screens and was distributed nationally in all theater chains. Laugh At My Pain was not.

Check out what Deadline, the Hollywood industry website has to say:

Before I give you the rest of the Top 10, you should know that refined numbers now have Kevin Hart’s Laugh At My Pain at No. 10 despite Hartbeat Productions and Codeblack Entertainment releasing it into only 99 theaters. It opened to $758K Friday and an estimated weekend of $2M. Hart’s fans turned out for this profanity-filled film version of his recent stand-up tour. It offers less than an hour of Hart onstage but also includes such bonus footage as Hart touring his old neighborhood in Philadelphia and faking a bank heist. Directed by Leslie Small, this 1-hour, 28-minute pic and its entry into the Top 10 now establishes Hart as a bonafide star beyond just his YouTube videos which have drawn tens of millions of views. Look for the major studios to take notice.

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