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Kevin Hart Is About To Make Cinematic History AGAIN With 'Let Me Explain'!

Posted Aug 25, 2013

It looks like Kevin Hart is about to reach a status that has never been accomplished by many comedian greats such as Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Richard Pryor and even Eddie Murphy before him.

What is that you ask? Well, we are pretty sure you are aware of how popular Let Me Explain ($32.2 million domestic gross) and Laugh At My Pain ($7.7 million domestically) has done but did you know that NONE of the comedians mentioned before have EVER opened up a stand up feature film internationally before? Not Pryor, Cosby, Murphy or Rock, but it looks like Hart will be the FIRST comedian to ever open up a stand up feature film in the Untied Kingdom this Friday!

According to our sources, the new film Let Me Explain by Hartbeat Productions and Codeblack Entertainment, will be released in over 50 theaters (which is equivalent to 800 screens in the U.S.), and will be the only film to also broadcast a live Q&A upon completion of the film. We hear that Hart will be at The Cineworld Theater in London broadcasting the Q&A to over 100 other theaters throughout Europe via satellite.

But it doesn’t end there; we hear that Hart will also be planning on taking this film WORLDWIDE with distribution to other countries such as South Africa, Jamaica and The Bahamas just to name a few. We heart that the list is still growing and when Hart is doing the press this week in London on BBC Radio he will reveal more countries. Hart may even reveal some more sooner when he makes his surprise appearance at The Apple Store in London on Tuesday. Who knows?

Stay tuned as this story is still developing!

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