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Katt Williams Working On Posthumous 2Pac Album With Cardi B And More

Posted Jan 17, 2024

Katt Williams is working on a posthumous 2Pac album, featuring Cardi B and other artists.

In a new episode of Suge Knight‘s Collect Call podcast, the comedian opened up about his plans in music. Knight asked Williams about his upcoming Pac LP that he’s been secretly working on. “What you got going on with some of those unreleased [tracks] with ‘Pac, sh*t, you got me excited. The different people you said you’re gonna put on there,” Suge said on his prison show. “I don’t wanna let the cat out the bag, but it’s unbelievable.” 

Katt expressed that there would only be eight features on the project. The controversial figure explained that he wanted to keep the work limited to “only the best of the best.” Suge then interjected, wondering about a collaboration with Cardi for the LP. “I heard Cardi B on the project with you, is that true?” “Absolutely,” Katt responded. 

The Death Row icon gave Cardi her flowers and compared the Bronx native to the late legend. “I always say she’s the female version of 2Pac,” Knight said, admiring the rapper. Katt then responded glowingly, saying, “She’s going to mix with him nicely. Everybody that’s on it is a piece of him, in a way.”

Knight then threw a shot at Eminem as the conversation came to a close. He brought up Pac’s posthumous Loyal To The Game, which Em produced in 2004. Suge referred to it as the only Pac album that “flopped.”

As the 2Pac album discussions died down, the pair of men then shifted their attention to Jada Pinkett Smith. Katt recalled a moment when she coined the nickname “Katt Pac.” “That’s the homegirl,” Knight answered. “She ain’t as crazy as people think she is. She made Will [Smith].” “And [she] can make another one,” Williams responded “And [she] saved that ni**a’s life in the industry. Queen Beard, the one.”

Listen to the full interview below. 

Source: VIBE

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