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Katt Williams Officially Coming Out Of Retirement?

Posted May 30, 2011

The following news story may-or may not- come as a surprise to you, but we just have to report it. Comedian Katt Williams was seen last night at The Laugh Factory during The Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show on stage performing!

Yep, you heard right! Despite saying to us and several other media outlets that he has officially retired, it seems that Williams is leaning towards coming back.

We have to say that this news is despite his remarks on stage that he “will NOT be coming back” and that he was officially going to “stay retired”, he did grace the stage with at least 15 minutes of material stating what he has been through and what life has been like. After over two years of being retired, when-and if- he does come back he will have a lot to say.

Check out what he told us about retiring here;

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