Katt Williams Chased By Police & Arrested Again!

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According to TMZ, comedian and actor Katt Williams lead police in Sacramento on a wild police chase.  Check out their story and see the pics below:

According to law enforcement sources, cops observed Williams driving his motor tricycle on the sidewalk — and when they attempted to pull him over, Williams took off.

We’re told the chase continued for several minutes — with Williams driving all over the place, even on the wrong side of the road. Driving through, he was said to have almost hit five pedestrians.

At one point, we’re told Williams took his helmet off and yelled back at the cops, saying, “I’m not going to stop!”

According to sources, police called off the chase for public safety reasons — and now plan to ask the D.A. to charge Williams with felony evasion.


Here’s another one;


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  1. Belinda Cleare

    Sad to witness a man with so much talent coming unraveled when those close to him allow it to happen. He obviously is suffering from some form of mental illness. And this behavior is a cry for help, can someone do a intervention ?

  2. Lashawn

    Weed causes psychosis

  3. Nita

    His family should have him committed to a drug rehab facility or they’re gonna be planning his funeral…sad to think it but this can only end in destruction.

  4. Darryl Littleon

    An intervention was attempted in late 2008. All those involved were dismissed. These latest actions could hae been prevented if people had only read PIMP DOWN: THE RISE & FALL OF KATT WILLIAMS instead of cursing its existence. Learn more at http://www.createspace.com/3733680

  5. Stevie Mack

    Katt Williams, Lindsey Lohan and Charlie Walk into a bar…

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