Kanye West Wants To Be The Next Kevin Hart And Is Jumping Into Comedy!

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Kanye KevinAccording to Dish Nation (The Rickey Smiley Show), rapper Kanye West is not only jumping into comedy, but he wants to be the next Kevin Hart!

Check out the article from Dish Nation and video below!

Angry rapper Kanye West thinks he has what it takes to be the next Kevin Hart.

Yeezus is desperate to make the transition from music to the big screen so he’s now targeting film roles that would showcase his comedic flair.

Kanye, 37, has been boasting to pals for years that he’s “just waiting for the right part.”

The only stipulation is it can’t be a cameo, the hip-hop star, never known for being humble, is insisting that he has to play the lead.

“Kanye genuinely believes he’s the black Larry David,” a source tells Dish Nation.

“He really wants to make a name for himself as a comedic actor – in his mind, he’s convinced that he’s a very funny guy. The general perception of Kanye is that he takes himself way too seriously, but he says that’s only when it comes to his music.”

“He loves goofing around and he’s very quick-witted when it comes to making humorous puns, but that’s about it. Will Ferrell is someone he admires and he loves putting on ‘Anchorman’ or ‘Night at the Roxbury’ to cheer himself up when he’s had a rough day. Those are the types of movies that crack him up and inspire him.”

In 2007, Kanye filmed a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” like pilot called “Too Hard-Core” for HBO.

Larry Charles, who oversaw the production, believed Kanye had all the necessary tools, talent and timing to be a comedy star.

However, despite producers liking the $400,000 half hour comedy pilot, which starred “Curb” luminaries Jeff Garlin and J.B. Smoove, the project was put on an indefinite hold.

“Kanye should think twice about the world of comedy. It’s not a good sign when your have a talented producer like Larry Charles, amazing comedic writers and actors working with you and still the show never sees the light of day. Kanye may get laughs, but it may be for all the wrong reasons.”

Source: Dish Nation

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