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Kanye West Books Saturday Night Live!

Posted Sep 22, 2010

We were informed by NBC today that rapper Kanye West will appear as the musical guest on the October 2nd episode of Saturday Night Live, which will feature Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston as the host.

The strange news about this is his appearance will come less than a month after West closed out the VMAs with the debut of a new song titled Runaway and making those very infamous statement at the show.

As we all know, the visit was arranged despite the fact that he dissed the show on his song titled Power— where he raps, “F— ‘SNL’ and the whole cast. Tell ‘em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass.”

His last “SNL” appearance came during its 2007 season premiere as he was featured in a sketch during that episode, which was hosted by NBA star LeBron James. There’s no word on whether he will act during this upcoming appearance.

In other Kanye news he also decided to drop a trailer to the song Runaway, and here it is;

Kanye West “Runaway” Movie Teaser from Dat New Row on Vimeo.

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