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Joe Budden Releases Eminem Tribute Titled ‘Slaughtermouse’!

Posted Sep 17, 2015

The pre-order link for Joe Budden’s forthcoming All Love Lost album hit iTunes late last night (September 16).

Those who decide to pre-order the project, which is due out October 16, will be instantly eligible to download Budden’s latest release “Slaughtermouse,” a five-minute, straight rapping tribute to his label boss and long-time inspiration, Eminem.

The cut, produced by araabMUZIK, sees Budden compare his past trials and tribulations to those of Eminem himself, including fighting drug addiction, family problems and depression.

“My whole life I fought trauma like you / Had ups and downs with my baby mama like you / I had my fair share of transgressions like you / Had a bad temper once and fought aggression like you / Did drugs, popped pills, fought depression like you / These are things you’d never pick up from our sessions in the stu’ / I beefed with Hov, 50, Game and Wu / Got in my own way a lot, I’m sure the same as you,” Budden raps on the track.

Joe previewed this song via Instagram around a month ago and various publications proceeded to say that it was a diss track aimed at Eminem and Slaughterhouse. These rumors were fueled when fellow Slaughterhouse member Royce Da 5’9 sent out the following tweets in mid-August:

However, in a recent interview with Genius’ Rob Markman, Joe Budden cleared up the misconceptions, and with one full spin of the track, it’s clear that this is quite the opposite of a diss record.

“If anything, it sounded like a compliment to me,” Budden said of the track. “I don’t know how that got interpreted as a diss. In hip-hop, I guess, anytime you’re speaking to one person directly, God forbid you would be saying anything nice about them.”

Listen to Joe Budden’s “Slaughtermouse” below, courtesy of audiomack:

Source: The Urban Daily


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