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Jamie Foxx Partners With Steph Curry To Introduce The Curry 2 Sneakers!

Posted Oct 22, 2015

Under Armour released this new ad to introduce the Curry 2 sneakers to the world.

It focuses on Steph Curry’s game-changing shot while actor Jamie Foxx provides the voiceover.

Curry shoots the lights out in the darkness while giving only a quick look at the hoop.

According to Droga5 Group Creative Director Tim Gordo, the idea for the commercial came first from the fact that Curry has the fastest shot release of any player in the NBA: 0.4 seconds.

“His quick shooting, deadly accuracy, devastating handles, and overall speed on the court have changed the game of basketball,” explained Gordon. “He can beat you in every way.

“To commemorate this new era and the launch of his second signature shoe, we decided to put his skills to the test. Submerging Curry into darkness and playing off the classic idea of shooting lights out we gave him only the briefest glimpse of the hoop and asked him to drain buckets from all over the court.”

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