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Jamie Foxx Held a Party to Celebrate His Recovery as He Continues with Outpatient Rehab 

Posted Jul 17, 2023

Jamie Foxx is celebrating the present as he continues to recover from his April medical emergency.

Three months after his daughter Corinne Foxx revealed that her dad had “experienced a medical complication,” a source tells PEOPLE that the actor “has been working really hard these last couple of months to get back to normal and has greatly improved since he first got to the facility.”

The source also reveals that Foxx, 55, recently had a party “to celebrate being better.” It was held at the Chicago rehabilitation facility he has been going to, says the source.

“He is still doing some outpatient rehab though,” they add.

Foxx suffered a medical complication on April 11 while filming the Netflix movie Back in Action in Atlanta. His daughter Corinne, 29, shared at the time that “due to quick action and great care,” Foxx was “on his way to recovery” at that point.

A month later, Corinne gave an update, saying the Oscar winner “has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating.”

Corinne added at the time as she thanked her dad’s fans and followers for their support, “In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday.”

Foxx was spotted doing just that last week, appearing in good spirits as he and a companion faced off in a doubles match against two opponents.

He was also recently spotted at Topgolf in the Naperville suburb of Chicago on the evening of July 8 and, the following day, cruising on a boat down the Chicago River.

On July 10, Foxx even bounded out of an SUV to return a woman’s lost purse. That afternoon, Terri “Quenni” Glenn and her sisters were riding in a pedicab after leaving Chicago’s Bean sculpture when they suddenly saw a black SUV driving behind them honking its horn, she told PEOPLE.

When the SUV pulled up next to them, the back door opened and Foxx emerged holding her bag, which she had placed on the floor of the open-air pedicab and apparently had fallen out through the side when the pedicab turned a corner, recalled Glenn, 54.

“I wanted to ask Jamie where he found the purse,” she told PEOPLE with a laugh. “I didn’t even know it fell out.”

“I said, ‘Jamie! Jamie!’ ” Glenn recalled. “I said, ‘Are you feeling good?’ and he said, ‘I’m feeling good.’ “

As he was getting back into the SUV, Glenn thanked him and he said, “You’re welcome, baby,” she remembered.

By Jen Juneau and  Marisa Sullivan/

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