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*Update* Jamie Foxx & Laffapalooza NOT Coming Back As We Know It!

Posted Aug 2, 2010

Yesterday several comedians and several other sources told us that actor/comedian Jamie Foxx was set to kick off Laffapalooza back again, and after it was originally broadcast as a comedy festival for TBS.

Well, we were just notified by our friends over at the Foxxhole that this story is NOT true, and that the comedy show Comedy In The Foxxhole is what the show in Sacramento will be, and it will be hosted by Speedy.

We also discovered that Jamie Foxx will no longer be doing Laffapalooza.

Originally set as a comedy festival that was eventually turned into a comedy show in Atlanta, at one point in time it was the premiere urban comedy festival on the comedy circuit.

The comedy festival has featured several hosts, from Tracy Morgan, Cedric The Entertainer and of course Jamie Foxx.

We hear that the new festival/comedy show will be moved to Sacramento on August 15th and no word yet if the show will be picked up by TBS for broadcast but we will find out more about this as soon as the story develops.

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