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Jamie Foxx Becomes BSB Whiskey’s Brand Owner And Creative Director

Posted Apr 17, 2024

Jamie Foxx, the award-winning actor, musician, and entrepreneur, can now add brand owner and creative director to his resume. Foxx has secured the bag in the world of spirits. Fast-growing spirits incubator WES Brands tapped Foxx for the exclusive release of their new ultra-smooth Brown Sugar Blend (BSB) Whiskey. It perfectly blends the aromatic spice of cinnamon with the rich, comforting sweetness of brown sugar. But be careful, this stuff is 70-proof.

“Life is precious, so I’ve always tried living it to the fullest. As an avid whiskey drinker, owning a brand that is sippable and unlike any other has been a life goal of mine; with BSB, I’m finally making that happen,” says Foxx, BSB Owner & Creative Director. “BSB is an ode to my personal philosophy – it’s about bringing people together to celebrate life and have fun.”

Lauren Kiyak, SVP of Marketing at WES Brands said, “We knew we had an incredible opportunity on our hands. With Jamie’s creative lead, BSB now sits at the intersection of fashion and sports, a modern tribute to nostalgic tech and delicious flavors.”

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