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Jamie Foxx Announces Return To Standup Following Health Scare

Posted Mar 1, 2024

CNN — Jamie Foxx has some jokes to tell.

The Oscar winner posted a funny video of himself on Instagram from his 2002 HBO special “I Might Need Security” in which he is doing an impression of Prince. Foxx teased his possible return to the standup stage.

“PRINCE singing the Brady Bunch theme song was a moment… I’m planning on bringing more moments,” Foxx wrote in a caption. “Going to get on somebody’s stage somewhere near you. I got some jokes, and a story to tell…”

The joke was based around Foxx’s impersonation of how various musicians would perform the theme song for “The Brady Bunch.”

Before his acting career, Foxx was a cast member on the ’90s sketch show “In Living Color.” He won an Oscar for his performance of Ray Charles in 2004’s “Ray.”

In April 2023, he was midway through working on a new Netflix movie, “Back in Action,” costarring Cameron Diaz, when he suffered a medical complication.

After time away from the public, Foxx resumed filming again in January.

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