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Is The Spoken Funk Comedy Show Coming To Television?

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With many clubs in and around Hollywood geared towards comedy, one has to do something special to get attention in the tough economic market just to get customers to come. Its a well known fact that comedy promoters pull all stops to not only get a weekly audience, but they also try to do things to KEEP the audience.

So when something comes along that has a great spin on comedy, it tends to last.

Six years ago, a comedian and spoken word artist known as Poetri and his wife Juren started to produce what is now known as Spoken Funk, a comedy and spoken word event that showcases clean and intelligent entertainment. The event has been produced for over six years and lately has started to get the attention of Hollywood. As it is now, on any given night that the show is produced, you can see a who’s who in the audience enjoying the show.

On every first Sunday of the month the show continues to gain stride and the producers are now having serious conversations about broadcasting the show for television, along with an internet broadcast. As of this writing, we are not sure which network will close the deal, but we do know that there are conversations.

Check back here for more info as this story develops!

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  1. Triniece

    I love this show, and the producers seem to have a wonderful relationship with their staff mbers. The greatest thing is that the show is hilarious and very entertaining without any usage of bad words! It must be Christ leading these two to do what they’re doing!!!

    • Poetri

      Triniece, you already know. You already know.

  2. Jimmy

    I was actually at this show! I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets turned into a reality show or scripted show, it has all kinds of potential…I had a great time.

    • Poetri

      Thanks, dawg. And if things go right, it very well WILL be on TV more sooner THAN later.

  3. Diriki Mack

    GREAT SHOW!!! I’ve worked with Poetri and Juren for many years on this and other projects…and they NEVER disappoint!! SPOKENFUNK is a MUST SEE!!! And soon to be Must See TV.

    • Poetri

      Always great to work with you Diricky. Thanks for the love and support all the way from New Jersey.

  4. Deirdre

    I was at the last 3 shows and they were AMAZING! I definitely think it should be on TV…I’d watch!

    • Poetri

      I could not agree with you more, Dee. And with just a touch of the smallest part of the Lord’s pinky…it will be. It will be.

  5. TREK

    I was there!!! I don’t want to ever miss another show. It was that good!!!

    • Poetri

      Yay! I am never mad when I hear someone say that. Thank you for coming out and having such a great time!

  6. Jessica Willis

    Hilarious! I can’t wait for the next show!

    • Poetri

      We can’t wait either! The next show is November 4th. So, mark that in your calendars. It’s gonna be crazy!

    • Leslie S

      I was rolling over with laughter. HILARIOUS.

  7. Gimel

    I’ve attended and DJ’d a lot of poetry shows and countless comedy shows. Spoken Funk sets itself apart with the combination of comedy and poetry to provide a mix of humor and thought provoking emotion.

    • Poetri

      Coming from the dopest DJ in the game, I consider this a huge compliment. Thanks dawg, we could never do it without you. We tried a few times, remember? lol

  8. Ceasar

    I can’t wait for the next show rodzilla and shihan are my favorites.

    • Poetri

      Yup! They are two of the best poets in the game. So this one should be a doozy! I will see you there.

  9. Andre Baws Hawg

    The more you’re exposed to this element, the funkier you’ll be. In a good way. So on the first Sunday of every month come on and see for ya’self.

    • Poetri

      Yes sir. Yes sir. We all need a little funk in us, don’t we?

  10. Aron kader

    Poetry& Juren have been doing this strong for yrs! I’m a comedian that’s been on there line-up numerous times and always has a family feel to it, like your in good hands w good people. Always a great experience and break from the usual club crowds. Always relevant, clean, artistic and completely different. Unique show for any place but especially Los Angeles.

    • Poetri

      One of the funniest comedians to ever grace our stage. Thanks for the love and the support Aron. And we got to have you back on the Spoken Funk stage soon.

  11. Diane Mosley

    Their site says it all. So I just cut & paste the explanation off their site.

    “Spoken Funk is an upbeat, uplifting, breath of comedic and poetic fresh air. It fuses today’s funniest comedians with the world’s most talented spoken word poets. The groundbreaking combination of comedy and poetry have never acquiesced with such success, and the fusion of genres provides each and every guest with gut busting laughter and insightful thought provoking commentary on today’s most intricate topics.”

    • Poetri

      Thank you, Diane. That was great. With help like you around, I don’t have to hustle as much. lolol

  12. Kim

    This makes my third year attending Spoken Funk. I’m honestly hooked on this show. I always invite a group of friends and family and everybody has a great time. If it were to be on television, I’m certain it would be a hit!

    • Spoken Funk

      Kim…ahhh…we love you and thank you for all of your love and support. We couldn’t have done it without you!

  13. Caleb Allen

    Good show, funny, a generally good vibe and entertaining… A must see!

    • Spoken Funk

      Thank you. YAy! We are excited that so many people are excited about the show.

  14. Pam Ward

    Love this, when the heck is the next show, ,man? I will be there!!!!

    • Spoken Funk

      Hey, Pam!

      The next show is November 4th. Get your tickets at for discounted prices AND to make sure that you actually get a seat. The show usually sells out! Tickets are available at the door, but if you get them there, you must arrive early to get them. See you on the 4th.

  15. Angel

    I have yet to see a Spoken Funk show live. But I’ve watched all their videos and I can’t wait to see the show live! If they ever make it to Sacramento, I will be first in line!

    • Juren

      Wow, Angel, thank you. It’s amazing that you’ve yet to see a Spoken Funk show, yet have now got to know it via the Internet. And you still enjoyed it. Can’t wait till the nation will see it on their television screen.

  16. Bob

    I have loved and appreciated this show since its inception. Its creator and host, work very hard to provide the best entertainment possible. Because of their genius and commitment, this show will inevitably reach large and broad audiences. I think it’s time for us to be able to tune in to Spoken Funk on network television. I look forward to the growth and expansion of one of the greatest shows that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.

    One of your biggest fans!

    • Juren

      Try our BESTEST & FAVORITEST fan!!! The only person who’s been to Spoken Funk more than you is POETRI. You barely beat me. And it’s MY show. People still don’t believe that you FLY in from Georgia EVERY show just for Spoken Funk. Even the owner of the Haha Cafe STILL can’t believe it. You are just AMAZING, like that! But it’s cause you believe in what we are trying to do. It’s cool, cuz ALL your miles will come in handy some day, maybe a trip to the EMMY’S? Lol.

  17. BJ GO

    I had to pleasure of attending Spoken Funk and i must say, this show was awesome, I couldn’t stop laughing!!!! I will be back to lol!!!!

    Love what ur doing!

    • Juren

      Hello BJ, I’m happy you enjoyed the show so much. Also happy when I see people that I don’t know enjoying the entertainment that me and Poetri produced. It’s like confirmation that we’re on the right track. And as long as you’re going right, it can’t be wrong. :-). Please continue to come/support Spoken Funk. And introduce yourself to us.

  18. Sekou

    I have loved this show since it’s inception 6 years ago! It’s so great to see people consistently enjoying clean comedy and top notch spoken word in a city like L.A., that has so much entertainment competition. That’s a testament to how commercially viable this event is. I’m a big supporter and fan and hope that the world gets to enjoy Spoken Funk on a major network or cable channel soon!

    • Juren

      SEKOU!!! It’s crazy cuz Poetri and I we’re JUST talking about you. I guess I could call you tomorrow cuz it’s already late. I wanna be respectful to the new “wifey”. BUT December 2nd. We want YOU on our Holiday/End of the year FUNK. We’re expecting to follow suite as all of our shows at the Haha Cafe have been, SOLD OUT, and we wanna end the year with a BANG!!!

      Ok, now the second thing I wanna say is thank you for your kind words about Spoken Funk. Six years! It’s been worth every show and every guest, TV or not, Spoken Funk is here to stay.

  19. Baseemah Penna

    My husband and I went last weekend on a double date with some of our good friends and had an awesome time! Some times when you go out to see comedy you have some that are good and some that are so so but every comedian had us crying with laughter and the poetry was off the hook. And not to mention they have a dope DJ that keeps it real funky. Definitely would recommend this show to anyone looking to go out, have a good time and not have to worry about spending a lot of cash either. Really hope it gets picked up!

    • Poetri

      Thank you Luciano and Basemah (who just might have been my second favorite couple of the night)(Juren and I, being first, of course). We so hope to see you two in the house very soon. And make it a triple date, this time.

  20. kish

    i went and had a great time, this should be a tv show for sure, bring back old school comedy for everyone to enjoy.

    • Poetri

      We have been saying that for 6 years now. Let’s hope the right TV execs come along with the right deal and the same amount of passion as you do. With GOD all things are possible. Spoken Funk WILL BE ON TV!

  21. Andre Baws Hawg

    This not the kind of Funk that you want to wash off. You really want it to last and start over when it does end.

  22. Janaci

    I always enjoy the show. It’s the best combo of poetry and comedy and audience participation.

  23. Jen

    Yes, I always enjoy the show- pretty funny 🙂

  24. Jen jen

    Always a great show- get a really good laugh

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