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Is The Nick Cannon Talk Show Canceled?

Posted Mar 9, 2022

According to reports, which started out with the reporting from New York’s Page Six, word is spreading that Nick Cannon’s Talk Show has been canceled.

Page Six reported earlier today that the staff was unaware but the nationally syndicated show’s staff were already looking for new jobs because the outlook seemed bleak for the struggling show. It’s almost no surprise that this was coming as the show was struggling to gain ratings for months and has been one of the lowest-rated shows in its time slot in years. There was talk that the show was going to replace The Wendy Williams Show time slot since Williams was absent due to her health, but Sherri Shephard took over that mantle.

We also tried to reach out to several people who are on staff and they neither confirmed nor denied the report.

After six months, it looks like the plug will get pulled. Anyway, Cannon is still hosting his Morning Show on the radio, and still hosting The Masked Singer for FOX.

More as this story develops…

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