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Is 'The Arsenio Hall Show' Coming Back To Television?

Posted Jun 3, 2014

As we all know by now, The Arsenio Hall Show was canceled last week and as you can imagine, the news shook the late night industry. According to CBS Television Distribution, which produces the show, they felt that they had to pull the plug because of declining ratings despite stating a month ago that the show would be renewed.

Well, over the weekend we started to hear some news that surprised us; our sources stated that The Arsenio Hall Show was being courted by several networks, and that there may be an offer soon for the show to be picked up.

So, over the weekend we stated via a tweet the news and this morning our sources confirmed to us that BET, OWN, E! and maybe one other network were having serious conversations about the show. The initial concerns are the budget of the show and if it would be possible for it to be cut down so they could move forward.

Several of our calls placed to the networks were either not returned or denied, but our sources told us that there are  serious discussions taking place.

As of this writing, no official word has been released, but it looks like The Arsenio Hall Show is not dead after all.

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