Is 'The Arsenio Hall Show' Coming Back To Television?

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As we all know by now, The Arsenio Hall Show was canceled last week and as you can imagine, the news shook the late night industry. According to CBS Television Distribution, which produces the show, they felt that they had to pull the plug because of declining ratings despite stating a month ago that the show would be renewed.

Well, over the weekend we started to hear some news that surprised us; our sources stated that The Arsenio Hall Show was being courted by several networks, and that there may be an offer soon for the show to be picked up.

So, over the weekend we stated via a tweet the news and this morning our sources confirmed to us that BET, OWN, E! and maybe one other network were having serious conversations about the show. The initial concerns are the budget of the show and if it would be possible for it to be cut down so they could move forward.

Several of our calls placed to the networks were either not returned or denied, but our sources told us that there are  serious discussions taking place.

As of this writing, no official word has been released, but it looks like The Arsenio Hall Show is not dead after all.

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  1. D.Rod Spencer

    I feel Arsenio is the arguably the best late night talk show host, however his writing team and creative department lacked creativity… I know some of them as Standup comics, and never saw the staying power in their personal acts. He needs a new team around him, and not leave things in the hands of unfunny friends…people whom are not afraid to tell him no.

  2. Lenny J

    I was a loyal viewer of his show and will still be if it comes back, the beginning of the show needs some work. I used to fast forward through the interviews. He needs to have better monologue; music groups too, like he did in the 80’s, like Keith Sweat; Mint Condition; Patti Labelle; actors like Wesley Snipes; Will Smith; Tom Cruise, Oprah, etc. I am excited for him, I hope I am honored to be on his show one day for my screenplay.

  3. Abdul

    So it’s not dead after all…

  4. Leo Lawrence

    I need to be the show runner. Call me Arsenio. You know how to reach me.

  5. Elliott - Philly

    Arsenio needs to look at the footage from his original show, for this current version TRULY LACKS SUBSTANCE !!! He needs more guests that have appeal Like Cos and Jakes !!! He has too many unknown guests. His interviews are too stringent, not lively like they were back in the day. Maybe, b/c the guests are so much younger than he. He’s taking on that Father figure type position. PLUS, HE NEEDS TO HAVE OLD SCHOOL ACTS ON THE SHOW. EWF, WAR were great, but he needs MUCH MORE !!! THESE NEW ACTS ARE UNKNOWN, AND CANNOT CUT THE MUSTARD !!!

  6. monique k

    Arsenio needs to have a co host on every show. He should not know who that person will be from night to night. I know its the right thing to do is to have unknown people on his show everybody deserves a chance. Arsenio was unknown he got a chance.

    Old school and new school works its great TV

    Have a concert Series pay homage to different genres of music weekly.
    Jazz one week,hip hop ect….

    BringvSinbad on to assist in prepping old
    School concert Series.

    Always have up and coming comics,actors,actresses,artists,play writers
    Always give the next generation a chance

    Have a play series one week. Intro new
    Plays by new writers.

    Just bring me on board as a Tv program
    Consultant. I can change the faces without
    Changing Arsenio Hall.

    Love you glad your back on TV you need your own Tv series.


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