Is Jamie Foxx Considering A Role On ‘Empire’?

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“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli spoke with Jamie Foxx at the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Global Down Syndrome Fashion Show in Denver, where he showed love and support for his sister, DeOndra Dixon.

Aside from gushing about his little sis, who he says has “a lot of spunk,” Foxx revealed what he would do if Terrence Howard’s show “Empire” came calling.

Foxx said, “I mean, I would love to.” At the same event, Terrence said about the possibility, “I don’t know. He’s done enough TV.” Jamie responded to the comment, “Never too big for television.”

Jamie also opened up about the days when he blamed it on the alcohol, saying, “I used to party in L.A. so hard.” Those days are long gone. He is now spending his time making new music.

He said, “My daughter said, ‘Why don’t you stop being in the club? You’re too old.’ I sat down [at the piano] and this song came to me.”

During the interview, Jamie showed off his vocals by singing some of his new song “In Love by Now,” from his upcoming album. He shared, “I’m supposed to be in love right now.”

When Jerry asked for more details about falling in love, Jamie explained, “I am in love. I’m in love with DeOndra. I’m in love with my family.”

He added, “I did an interview with Oprah. She’s like, ‘So Jamie, why aren’t you married?’ I said, ‘I just don’t think you can make it in public.’”

On the music video for “In Love by Now,” he revealed, “We just shot the video. Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls stars in it.”

Jamie isn’t just working on new music, he’s also set to star as Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic. “Martin Scorsese will direct it. I’m getting into shape and started to take on the character.”

Before the conversation ended, Foxx did a funny impersonation of Donald Trump!

Source: EXTRA

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