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Is Comedian Dave Chappelle Returning To Television?

Posted Jun 16, 2011

We are pretty sure that you heard on Thursday all of the reports that spread from the New York newspapers- especially The Daily– that comedian Dave Chappelle is about to plan a major return to television by way of the web.

Because of that report, we did some investigating and our sources told us that Chappelle was about to make a major move with Netflix and that that deal would close shortly. We also heard that the comedian loved the idea of moving forward with the site because it gave him the freedom to do what he wanted, without the restrictions that Comedy Central imposed on him.

Well, now his reps are denying the comedian has any plans to do so.

“Absolutely untrue,” Chappelle’s rep Carla Sims tells EW about the reports.

Since 2005, Chappelle has performed new material at various comedy clubs and wrote and starred in the music documentary Block Party, which always cause many to speculate that he would return to TV soon. As we all know, that never materialized.

Now the waiting game starts to see if this report is going to be true or not.


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