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Insight On Why Robin Thicke Is Not On 'Real Husbands Of Hollywood'!

Posted Mar 28, 2013

Robin TYesterday we dropped the bombshell from the set of Kevin Hart’s new reality show,Real Husbands Of Hollywood where we discovered that R&B singer Robin Thicke was leaving the show.

Many reports stated that Thicke had quit and no one knew actually why. Some reports stated that he wouldn’t come out of his trailer, and some reports stated that he got into a major argument with the producers of the show and the BET executives.

Well, after some digging and talking to several of our sources, we were able to discover some truths to the rumors that have been swirling around on the internet.

According to our sources the problems seemed to stem from Thicke approaching the producers of the show and stating that he wasn’t too happy with the direction the script was taking him in, and he wanted to make several changes to his character (and his lines) for an upcoming episode.

After hearing his issues, the show’s producers declined to make any changes to the script as they felt what he wanted to do derailed where they were trying to take the character.

This eventually resulted in Thicke not showing up on the day of shooting his many scenes, and rumors were rampant that he was no longer interested in doing the show.

Either way, Thicke did not show and the whole day of shooting was wasted.

The producers and BET executives eventually decided to go their separate ways after this incident.

So, from our understanding of these events you can say he quit or he was fired from the show, but as of this writing, all we can say is he is no longer apart of the show.

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