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In Case You Missed It: Chris Rock Destroys The Stage Hosting At The 2014 BET Awards!

Posted Jun 30, 2014

Chris Rock

In case you missed it, comedian Chris Rock hosted the 2014 BET Awards  last night.

We have to say that it was a sight for sore eyes seeing a great comedian give a great monologue opening the show and lasting for the entire show. Maybe it was because he’s preparing to drop his special later in the year and he was ready for the stage, or maybe its just because he was that good. Either way, we got a chance to see one of the best do work.

Here are the highlights from his opening monologue, which included nods to Solange and Jay-Z, Dr. Dre’s $3 billion deal for Beats, Oprah, Scandal, the ubiquity of Kevin Hart, civil rights movies, and Donald Sterling.

Roll the clip!

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