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Idris Elba Signs On To New Ghost Rider Film- Is A Blade Reboot Next?

Posted Oct 6, 2010

If you recall, a couple of weeks ago we reported that star Idris Elba signed a three picture deal with Marvel Entertainment, one that was signed AFTER he filmed his latest super hero film Thor.

At that time there was some speculation on what the films may be, and today some of our sources have leaked to us what some of those films may be.

First, there is a fact that was discovered and the fact is that Elba recently joined the cast of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the sequel to the 2007 comic book movie, which starred Nicolas Cage, which constitutes as one of the films under the contract.

According to sources, Elba will be playing a character in the film described as “an alcoholic monk/warrior tasked with finding the Ghost Rider.”

The latest details of the film state that Johnny Blaze (Cage) is hiding out in Eastern Europe trying to suppress his curse when he’s sought and recruited by sword-carrying monks to take on the devil (played by Ciaran Hinds) who’s intent on taking human form on earth.

Now, here are the rumors; we hear that Elba is in talks to possibly bring back Blade in a reboot and also to play Luke Cage if the script is ever ironed out and several other details. We are not sure of much of the facts about this yet, but we do know that Marvel Entertainment is intent on bringing one of these characters with Elba attached to the big screen soon. Our bet is that it will be a Blade reboot first, but only time will tell.

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