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Ice Cube Speaks About Welcome Back Kotter Remake!

Posted May 24, 2011

Word has been circling around Hollywood for years that actor Ice Cube was revamping the 70’s hit Welcome Back Kotter– and we were also one of the folks who reported that it was in the works some time ago.

If you recall, Welcome Back, Kotter was a sitcom that originally aired on ABC from 1975 to 1979 and starred comedian Gabe Kaplan as the title character Gabe Kotter, who was a wisecracking teacher who returns to his high school alma mater to teach an often unruly group of remedial wise guys known as the “Sweathogs.” (The nickname reflected the fact that the remedial classes were held on the very top floor of the high school.)

Well, Hip Hollywood was able to sit down and discuss with Cube what is going on in the production of the film and if it’s happening or not.

Here’s what Cube had to say;

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