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Ice Cube Explains Why He Turned Down ‘Verzuz’ Matchups With LL Cool J And Scarface

Posted Dec 12, 2022

Ice Cube, the newly-minted Mount Westmore member, has revealed that he was asked to do a Verzuz on two separate occasions with LL Cool J and Scarface, but declined both requests.

During a recent appearance on the Bootleg Kev podcast alongside his group mates, Cube explained his decision of turning down a Verzuz showdown.

“I think they was talking LL at one point. They was talking Scarface at one point. Yeah, I said no. Verzuz is good but my concept would have been, ‘Yo, I’m a fan. You do this song for me,’” said the Friday star, 53. ”Like, okay, I get to have LL do my favorite LL songs and he gon’ have me do his favorite Ice Cube songs and it’s not Verzuz. It’s love.”

He continued, “That would have been my concept. I can’t go against, you know, people I admire. LL’s an OG to me in the game so I can’t see it.”

As for having Scarface as an opponent, the Compton native revealed, “I know we love each other, but we don’t communicate enough to do Verzuz. I don’t want it to be competition.”

This isn’t the first instance where Cube has shared his thoughts on Verzuz and a potential matchup. In July 2021, he told The Breakfast Club, “My version of Verzuz would have been, I pull somebody out there like Chuck D of Public Enemy or something and I play all the songs I love from him and he plays all the songs he loves from me. It’s a love fest. But it’s not something that I’m thinking about doing.”

Watch Mount Westmore discuss their group dynamics and more below. Their debut album, SNOOP CUBE 40 $HORT, is streamable on all digital platforms.

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