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Here’s Tracy Morgan Playing Air Guitar To Prince In A Bathrobe

Posted May 10, 2016


True hero Tracy Morgan has just provided the internet with one of the most heartfelt, least sad Prince tributes to date in the form of a very relatable bathroom jam session. The lol guy plays some accurate/energetic air guitar and grooves along to Prince’s ‘Sign ‘O’ the Times’ in a bathrobe, in a clip posted to his Facebook this week.

This celebratory video comes after Tracy’s emotional reaction to Prince’s passing. “Was he an influence? Absolutely! He was free. He came from the heart. He was talking about making love, he was a sexy man!” Tracy told The Hollywood Reporter in the days following Prince’s death.

The below is a welcome reminder of the fact that Prince will continue to give us joy well into the future, it also sets a very high standard for your next bathroom mirror singing sesh.

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