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With Freeform Order Of New ‘Black-ish’ Spinoff Titled ‘College-ish’, Deon Cole Is Making A Run To Stardom!

Posted May 20, 2017

With yesterday’s news of the new Freeform order of the Black-ish spin-off titled College-ish, comedian and actor Deon Cole quietly is making a television run for the ages!

How might you ask? Well, if you hadn’t noticed, Cole will be on five, count ’em FIVE, series and or TV shows at the same time! Never before has any actor guest starred or appeared in FIVE series/TV shows at the same time.

Cole is currently on Conan (he’s also a writer on the show), Black-ish, College-ish, Face Value and Angie Tribeca and we hear that he’s even up for several film roles including the film titled The Female Brain supposedly set to debut later this year. In comparison, none of the TV greats in comedy has done this feat, and even today’s hottest star Kevin Hart is not starring in five series-yet.

What’s the future hold for Cole? Well, we think Hollywood is quickly taking notice, and he’s sure to be one of the next future stars. Stay tuned, as we will hopefully get a chance to ask Cole about some of his future endeavors.


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