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EXCLUSIVE- Wesley Snipes Lands Picture Deal Plus Collaboration With Spike Lee!

Posted Jul 21, 2013

According to our sources, the recently released Wesley Snipes is about to get back to work in a serious way!

Our sources have stated to us that Snipes is about to sign a three picture deal with a major studio and possibly produce several of those projects! On top of that, we heard that a couple of projects he has upcoming will be a collaboration with Spike Lee!

Now, this all sounds good to us as we wait to hear what the projects are going to be about and if they are going to be straight-to-DVD type films. No word yet on what the projects are or the start date.

Snipes was released on April 2nd from prison and transferred to the New York Community Corrections Office which he rained on his home confinement-house arrest- which recently ended on July 19th.

Snipes checked into McKean Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania back in December 2010 after he was convicted for failing to file federal income tax returns.

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