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EXCLUSIVE- *UPDATE* Producer Walter Latham Assaults Comic After Stage Performance!

Posted Mar 21, 2012

We just discovered from several sources that at the taping of Walter latham’s new YouTube venture titled Comedy After Dark taping there was a physical altercation!

We heard that the producer probably best known for the Kings Of Comedy and the Bad Boys Of Comedy Walter Latham, was so upset with comedian Ray Lipowski after his comedy performance that when Lipowski came off the stage he was slugged by Latham, and Latham broke his jaw!

Why do you ask? Well, according to several reports, Lipowski taunted the show’s host Jenna Jameson (former porn star) vigorously while he was on stage because she reportedly introduced him and did not pronounce his name correctly. Hence, Lipowski then started to taunt her and continued until Jameson became upset. This then resulted in Latham assaulting Lipowski when he came off stage.

As of this writing we have tried to reach both parties but needless to say, one party can’t talk and the other is not returning calls! More news on this story as it develops!

*** We just discovered that there is now a warrant for Walter Latham’s arrest. Stay tuned!***

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