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EXCLUSIVE- Kings Of Comedy Producer Walter Latham To Direct & Launch Comedy After Dark

Posted Jan 28, 2012

Earlier today we conducted an interview with Producer Walter Latham, who is probably best known as the founder and Producer of the Kings Of Comedy and The Queens of Comedy, which still stands as one of the most successful comedy franchises ever to tour and ever filmed for theatrical distribution. Since he began the Kings franchise, Latham has been ground breaking in comedy as he launched those franchises and transcended the brands and the careers of Steve Harvey, Cedric The Entertainer, Bernie Mac, and D.L. Hughley.  Not to be outdone in the urban space, Latham even ventured out into the Latino space with his Latin Kings Of Comedy, and proved that he could be successful there too as the Latin Kings has also broken box office records in total receipts sold to the Latin community.

Well now it seems Latham is back at it again; he is now launching his new franchise titled Comedy After Dark on his new YouTube channel under Latham Entertainment. We had a chance to speak with him about this new show, and he discusses the dynamics of the show which will be about 7 minutes in length and feature one comedian per episode. During the interview we even discovered that he decided to try his hand at directing as he directed each episode!

Click the interview below and listen to Latham discuss his plans for Comedy After Dark, his next steps in the comedy tour world, his new plans for his other projects, and the names of several of the comedians who have decided to sign up with Latham and the Comedy After Dark brand.


Speaking of the Kings of Comedy, Latham wanted us to share with you one of his favorite Bernie Mac jokes. So here it is;


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