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EXCLUSIVE-Kevin Hart Makes Comedic History In New Digital Age Era!

Posted Aug 15, 2011

Comedian Kevin Hart continues to defy the laws of comedy in the new digital age. First, Hart creates a Youtube fan page, and like Affion Crockett, his page views jumps into the millions. Hart then launches several other websites and gains hundreds of thousands of followers via Facebook and Twitter just to name a few along with his existing website. All of thise while he toured across the country, first on the Shaq All Star Jam Tour, then on the Seriously Funny and Laugh At My Pain Tour.

Now Hart has taken his leap even further; he has created a mobile application, titled Kevin Hart Little Jumpman (a game application) and within the first 12 hours the app climbs to #72 in top 200 in the Apple app store in first 12 hours and to #43 in the game apps over all! No comedian has ever done this feat!

In case you didnt know, there are over 500k apps in the store! Another amazing feat, and Hart is just getting started!

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