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EXCLUSIVE- Is Vivica Fox Going To Join Bill Bellamy In Byron Allen's New Sitcom?

Posted Apr 17, 2012

If you recall, several weeks ago, we told you that we had discovered that Byron Allen’s company, Entertainment Studios was in talks with comedian and actor Bill Bellamy for him to star in a new television show along with comedian Jon Lovitz. At that time, we had no word on what the name of the show was going to be. At that time, we heard that the show was going to be on BET, but we discovered after we published the story that that was not true. Especially since BET published their upfronts and there was no mention of it then. Well, now we have discovered that the show will be on TBS or TNT, not sure which just yet.

Anyway, we heard that actress Vivica Fox got an offer today, and word has it that she is extremely interested and will possibly join the show!

The premise of the show is Bellamy’s character is supposed to be a Hollywood star who ends up in trouble with the law, and is court ordered to do some community service which lands him in South Central Los Angeles. What his character didn’t expect was that he would end up loving the kids that he is supposed to mentor, and then he finds himself not wanting to go back to Hollywood. Lovitz plays his agent who is constantly trying to lure him back to Hollywood.

As we also reported earlier, Bellamy is in serious negotiations with CBS for another new show titled The Bill Bellamy Show supposedly scheduled for 2013, so we are not sure if he can even do both. He is also preparing to drop Crazy, Sexy, Dirty, (the name of his latest one hour comedy special), the Ladies Night Out Comedy Show, and a new film titled Execution Style.

As for what Vivica is currently about to drop three new films, Queen City, Mission Park and Caught On Tape.

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