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Exclusive Interview With The Producers Of 'Ladies Night Out' On The Red Carpet!

Posted Feb 25, 2013

Ladies Night OutLast week one of the stories of the week was that we discovered some news that comedian and actor Bill Bellamy was about to drop his news about his new show on the Showtime Network officially titled Bill Bellamy’s Ladies Night Out. The show premiered last Friday, and as we hear it, it’s the talk of the comedy world.

The show which also starred comedians D’Lai, Jay Reid, and Ali Saddiq was part documentary and part stand up and showcased everything that goes into the life of a comic on tour.

Anyway, we got a chance to interview the folks behind the scenes of the show on the carpet as they discussed what goes on in making a show like this. This interview features Larenz Tate, who was one of the producers, along with Scott Montoya, also an Executive Producer and founder of LOLcomedy.TV, Bill Bellamy who produced as well and D’Lai who was one of the comedians on the show.

Check out the interview below:

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