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EXCLUSIVE-DL Hughley’s Hit Sitcom ‘The Hughleys’ To Make A Comeback At Paramount

Posted Jul 14, 2022

According to our sources, we hear that DL Hughley’s hit sitcom The Hughley’s is making a return to television via Paramount (and most likely for Paramount Plus). Our sources tell us that the show is set up to bring back the cast and hopefully launch next season. We hear deals are still being worked on, and production staff is being discussed.

If you recall, the hit show The Hughley’s ran for four seasons from 1998-2002 and starred Hughley along with Elise Neal, John Henton, and Eric Allan Kramer. Hughley’s character, who owns his own vending machine business, moves out of South Central to West Hills, a predominately white neighborhood within the San Fernando Valley. He and his family try to adjust to living in an all-white area, at the same time trying to not forget who they are and where they came from. Darryl and Yvonne eventually befriend their new neighbors Sally and Dave who are literally the polar opposite of Darryl. As you probably have expected, the show featured many racial themes to it but are usually comedic as Darryl makes fun of other races, especially his white and Korean neighbors.

With that being said and in today’s climate we are sure that this new reiteration of The Hughley’s will have a ton to talk about in their upcoming season.

Stay tuned as this story is still developing.

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