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EXCLUSIVE-Comedian Corey Holcomb Prepares To Drop New Comedy And R&B Album!

Posted Mar 15, 2012

We discovered today from our sources that comedian Corey Holcomb is about to drop a new comedy and R&B album! You read that right! We hear that Holcomb is preparing to drop the new album in a bout 2 months or less, and we hear that Holcomb produced and wrote the album himself.

To even add to the surprise of the new album, most folks are going to be surprised because Holcomb sings on every track- but don’t worry because we discovered that he has a background as a singer as he grew up singing in a church choir!

The comedy album, produced by Holcomb and a producer named Signature, is said to be titled Corey Holcomb: R&B Style and should be for sale in April. Stay tuned for his new music videos and more and follow him on Twitter for any updates about the new album @thecoreyholcomb.

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