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Eddie Murphy Wraps Up Tower Heist This Week

Posted Nov 22, 2010

If you remember, we have been telling you about this for awhile; well now the time has finally come to pass.

Comedian Eddie Murphy is currently wrapping up his co-star appearance in the film Tower Heist with Ben Stiller– a film he was originally billed to star in as the lead and now is in the film in a completely different capacity- as the co-star.

Several months ago we dropped you a bomb that there was going to be an urban version of Ocean’s Eleven titled Trump Heist with Eddie Murphy in the lead role pulling the heist in Trump Tower with Donald Trump as the villain.

After that we also dropped the story that film transformed from an urban version of Ocean’s Eleven into just a comedy film with the urban idea scrapped as the title role went from Murphy to Ben Stiller and the whole urban cast of a possible cast including Martin Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Chris Rock and more went out the window.

We also reported that the new film titled Tower Heist with Stiller in the lead role was taking form, as Stiller’s role is  as a overworked manager of a luxury building who, along with other staff, lost their pensions to a Bernie Madoff-like Wall Street crook. It so happens that the fraudster is being held under house arrest in the luxury penthouse apartment upstairs, and the manager and four cohorts figure a heist will make them whole.

The film’s produced by Imagine Entertainment’s Brian Grazer, and Kim Roth is executive producer.

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