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Eddie Murphy And Halle Berry Together Again In What New Project?

Posted Mar 8, 2014

We just discovered the news from several sources that Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry are coming back together in a new film titled Miles And Me. The film also stars Laurence Fishburne and is set to begin pre-production later this year and is supposedly from Paramount Pictures.

No other word yet on what the film is about or who else is attached.

This is the first time since Berry and Murphy have been on screen together since 1992’s hit comedy film Boomerang, which was directed by Reggie Hudlin.  If you recall, the tabloids stated that Murphy and Berry were supposedly a hot item for a quick moment but things never went anywhere.

Anyway, since that film, Berry has gone on to make several hit films such as the X-Men franchise films and many other dramatic films. Berry even landed an Academy Award for Best Actress in Monster’s Ball in 2001, while Murphy also continued to do many films, including the Shrek and Klumps franchises just to name a few. Murphy was even nominated for an Oscar for his role in the film Dreamgirls in 2007, but he eventually lost.

We hear that the new romantic comedy is yet to set a Director as the story is still developing.

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