Eddie Griffin Is About To Be Sued By His Attacker!

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If you recall, over a week ago Eddie Griffin was involved in an altercation at Tommy T’s where a woman in the audience threw a drink at him while he was on stage, and now Griffin responded by throwing a drink back; all of which happened because Griffin told a joke about her. All of this was reported by TMZ, and now according to TMZ it looks like that same woman is preparing to sue Griffin.

Check out their report;

The woman who chucked a drink at Eddie Griffin at a recent comedy show, Tells TMZ it was an ACT OF SELF DEFENSE  … claiming she “felt sexually assaulted” by the comedian after he pumped his crotch into her face.

Fiona Walshe — who is a lesbian — tells TMZ … she and her partner Leslie were having a good time at Tommy T’s Comedy Club in Pleasanton, CA last week, until Griffin singled them out due to their sexual orientation.

Fiona claims Griffin pointed to her and said, “You’re a LESBIAN. All you need is a good man … I’ll volunteer my services. You won’t be needing any strap-on’s or vibrators with me.”

She says it got worse from there, “He started to pump his hips into my face. I felt sexually assaulted and I wanted him to stop — then I threw the drink at him to defend myself.”

Fiona claims Eddie went off after that … “He jumped off the stage and onto my table. He started grabbing everything and throwing it at me” … including a salt and pepper shaker, she says.

She continues, “Before I could get away from him he poured a water bottle on my head and threw it at me.”

Fiona isn’t taking the incident lightly — her lawyer tells TMZ, “We’re seeking an apology from Eddie Griffin and compensation for the public humiliation and emotional distress. There will be a lawsuit if he doesn’t make amends.”

A rep for Eddie had no comment.

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  1. Steve

    Do Comics have material other than personal attacks on paying customers? I am a promoter that have had “jokes” thrown my way by comics. One was beaten a few weeks later after insulting a customer in Ohio. Its sad when it gets out of hand!

  2. Jonathan Atherton

    It’s very difficult to work out what actually happened. I don’t know the comic in question and whilst his crowd work may have been a bit off, the woman had no right to throw a glass. She obviously took offence but it is likely that, given her socio-political orientation, she took offence far too readily. In fact, she was probably looking for any reason to get offended. Why these kinds of humourless, over-educated idiots go to comedy shows is beyond me. As for her story? Well, I guess she thinks the more lavish the claims the more money she will get. It’s all about money. In my home, Australia, you would laughed out of the lawyers office for even suggesting litigation. We take responsibility for our actions.

  3. BobbyX

    I think she should have never thrown a drink at Eddie. Now it was her choice to sit up in the front row,I don’t see how she can get offended when she knew full well that all comics make fun of their audiencer,now being a male comic,he sees two females sitting at the same table,he’s going to poin them out, now being a Christian,that means he doesn’t beilve in people being gay, it’s immoral to lay with a person of the same sex,that gives him another reason to say something because it’s not something he believes in,but you gotta understand something he’s a black comic which means he speaks the truth when he speaks,he also speaks his mind and he speaks more crudely and more offensive because that’s how black comedy is, and it’s because we don’t really give a fuck about being offensive we are going to speak our mind and do what we do, because we feel like if you didn’t want to be talked about then her ass wouldn’t have been sitting in the first row. Like what the fuck is so special about you where you can sit in the front row and not get teased like the other people especially with you two lesbians sitting right there,how could you not expect him to say something about it, and that’s definitely why you shouldn’t have threw a damn drink, he was only joking,what you ain’t got sense of humor to where you can’t laugh at yourself, then what the fuck are you doing at a comedy club you stupid bitch. You think just cause you a lesbian you can’t be fucked with or you can’t be laughed at,you think that america is against homophobes and that means you can’t be made fun of,now if that was true then why isn’t gay marriage legal in all 50 states? It’s because homosexuality is frowned upon in the bible,and marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a women,and letting two people of the same sex get married is going against gods wishes as you hear in the bible it’s the story of Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve that why you were made fun of,and that’s why after you wrongly threw a drink at him he went off on yo’ azz. If you ask me you owe him money to replace the clothes he had on,real talk.If there are any mistakes In what I just typed,just know that I am mad as fuck at this white trying to sue a comic for being himself when she paid to see him,to sit in the front row knowing she was going to get made fun of especially if you sitting there as a pretty girls who’s with her girl friend and he feels your to pretty to be a lesbian,that’s probably why he said what he said in the first place,and you gone throw a drink on him,lol he’s probably right…he probably can turn you straight. In short Im against her trying to sue him just so you can get into his pockets,so FUCK OFF.

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